Faculty of Security Studies (University of Belgrade) as a carrier of the Work Package 2 of the ImprESS Project - Academic and Professional Education Capacity in Serbia in the Area of Safety & Security (by Means of Strategic Partnership with the EU), has organized the first Workshop to present the initial achievements and introduce the results to the domestic (Serbian) partners of the Consortium. Besides project team members from the FSS, an active participation was undertaken by the representatives of the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, Educons University and University of Defence.
It aimed at presenting project tasks and ways of their fulfilment, while at the same time, it reflected the current state of art of initial results and further plans for successful conduct of Work Package 2.
The Workshop was opened by the Dean of Faculty of Security Studies, prof. Ivica Radović, while afterwards several presentations took place, starting from the WP2 rationale. It continued with the presentation of analysis of the EU legislation in higher education area, as well as in Serbia. In this context, project team has introduced the Inventory for the EU higher education legislation, as well as the Registry of Serbian law and study programmes.
After the presentation on potential model for bilateral and multilateral agreements among the consortium partners, prof. Petar Stanojević has introduced a model for cooperation in sense of establishing the joint study programmes and courses in safety and security area. The full Report from this Workshop shall be available on April 19th.


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EU Legislation and Mechanisms.pptx

Serbian Legal Framework of Security Education.pptx

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Bilateral & Multilateral agreements development.pptx

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