1 Analysis of current undergraduate, masters, PhD and specialized programs and courses curricula in program and partner countries

1.2 Technical assessment of available hardware and software

1.3 Analysis of innovative actions that can be performed

1.4 Detail plan & execution development workshop

1.5 Joint procurement of the equipment and software

2.1 Analyses of EU and Serbian regulation

2.2 Model development

2.3 Bilateral and other agreements development and signing

2.4 Model dissemination

3.1 Courses and modules selection for implementation

3.2 Courses and modules detail comparison and determination of the gap that should be closed

3.3 Teaching materials development

3.4 E-learning modules/materials development

3.5 Training of the Serbian lecturers on Program countries HEI

3.6 Accreditation process start

3.7 Education materials dissemination

4.1 Courses & study modules execution

4.2 Courses & study modules evaluation and materials fine tuning

4.3 Students visit to programme countries HEIs

4.4 Achievements and outcomes dissemination

5.1 The TESS specific domain of applicability

5.2 TESS Courses and Trainings

5.3 Hardware and Software equipment in the TESS

5.4 The TESS management structure and Sustainability Plan

6.1 Quality Champions Appointment

6.2 Development of Quality Assurance mechanisms and procedures

6.3 Monitoring & Evaluation

6.4 Learning material peer review

6.5 Document management

6.6 Quality Reporting

7.1 Dissemination plan creation

7.2 Development, maintenance and promotion of the Impress Website

7.3 Impress social network communication

7.4 Use & Link to already developed EU tools

7.5 Opening and maintenance of e-library public access area

7.6 Perform media, enrolment and promo campaigns

7.7 Organize Impress symposia and workshops

7.8 Exploitation Plan

8.1 Established the project management bodies and adopted procedures for efficient project management

8.2 Risk management